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Streams are the most viital part because spotify paid royalties based on number of plays that received by music track. Also spotify chart is based on streams amount. And to gain more streams artist need to promtoe their track to targeted audience. Also artist need to buy spotify stremas to make their music popular and go viral. We offer streams promotion at very cheap price . Our packages start from 15 USD.


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Spotify Promotion Follows Three Steps To Promote Your Music

Collect Information

Distribute To Network

Reach To Audience

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Spotify : The Future of Cloud Music

There are only a few people living who would really not like listening to music. For all those music lovers, here is Spotify, a music streaming service which has completely changed the music industry for good. It’s a not so happily accepted fact now a days, that people don’t buy physical music CD’s. The tremendous growth of rapidly growing internet has led to this drastic change. Spotify like services have hugely gained from this change, by offering users to play their favorite music directly from the cloud, rather than the conventional way of having to download it first. Spotify as such has become immensely popular and has far surpassed everyone’s preconceived notions about digital music.Spotify is basically a Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast and video service which dates back to 2008. It operates on the fast growing premium business model with 2 music streaming tiers: spotify free and spotify premium. As is obvious the Spotify premium offers more enhanced services like ad free music, better audio quality, fast streaming and also downloading music for offline moods. Due to its immensely unique and innovative way of providing music to users, it currently boasts of about 75 million active users, not to forget 20 million paid ones too!

Spotify truly runs on all kinds and makes of smartphones, tablets and PC’s. Though the capabilities can vary from platform to platform, the basic heart of Spotify has always been music. It currently is also venturing into videos. It also provides the users with many customizable features like creating their own playlists, choosing from different albums, artists and songs and so on. It satiates almost everyone’s musical taste.

Spotify has given many of its contemporaries a run for their money and has become hugely popular among the online crowd.

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Music industry is moving toward cloud and its high time to get your music on cloud platforms otherwise, you will miss the future audience of your music. And spotify create the most popular and unparallal network for the musician to start and grow their music career on cloud world.

Why should artists choose Spotify?

But as all good things come in two’s it has had its own shares of criticisms. Many of the lesser known artists have severely criticized Spotify. In fact, many of the popular ones too have named Spotify to be biased for their streaming capabilities and manipulative payments.

That has not prevented Spotify from being a preferred service to be used by many because of the following features that it provides to its users.

A huge catalogue is what Spotify stands out for, and over a 20 million songs. The Spotify desktop client also allowed music to be imported via iTunes, and also provided syncs for mobile devices.

Spotify can allow the users to share their playlists over social networking sites or even edit them.

For preferential playlists it also has the capability of integrating with

Spotify also boasts of a Radio feature for both its free and Premium members, which helps them to create random playlist of songs based on certain genres and decades.

If not for your favorite artist on Spotify, choose it for the vast features it provides for artists. It is a great place to showcase your talent as an artist, so give Spotify a chance.

How does Spotify promote on social networking platforms?

Of course such massive services don’t need exclusive promotions, but the internet offers such a wide medium that the promotions over social networking sites become a must then. Spotify takes care of its promotions via tie ups with many social networking platforms. In fact for creating an account on Spotify you need an active Facebook or a twitter account for registration.

If you are a novice artist looking for popularizing yourself using Spotify, then you can create your own playlist and post it on social networking platforms. Such actions can immensely help in garnishing a huge fan base making you a great artist and simultaneously promoting the medium you have used for sharing, Spotify.

Using Spotify on Facebook can enable you to even promote your favorite artist by tagging them in the playlists that you share. You can also follow the playlists of your favorite artists. Spotify currently has about million likes and is hugely popular with the youngsters.

Spotify follows a conventional approach to manage its social media feeds on social networking platforms. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity to promote new artists, features and albums. Spotify also gets useful feedbacks from them. Such useful feedbacks are used to constantly upgrade themselves. It uses such platforms to create a buzz among the users. It also uses other means of promotions like Google advertisements, Facebook ads or through music blog posts.


Spotify Promotion Packages

Of course Spotify has its own place secured well on the internet and it has a long way ahead. Its user base and fan following has been increasing consistently. The promotional Spotify packages offer a great way to go ahead with something that has completely revolutionized the music industry. For many of the vast features that Spotify has to offer to its users and with many student discount packages it has constantly been striving to excel in its own accord. Many promotional codes, additional discounts for its membership are constantly upgraded and made available to the users. As such, the users have a vast array of choices for selecting the promotional package that will best adhere to their needs. Another interesting package Spotify has for its users are the introductory package for the first timers with great discounts that will make Spotify hard to resist. It also has tie ups with many commercial websites online to offer amazing deals for users planning to join Spotify.

With such hard to avoid deals in the form of promotional packages that Spotify has to offer, it throws in a tough competition to its rivals in the field of music. Such amazing packages which are so wholesome and compelling are very hard to find recently. Grabbing such an opportunity the moment it strikes is always a prudent choice.

So the next time you get in the mood for listening to your favorite song why go through the trouble of buying a CD, you can simply Spotify it. It’s amazing user friendly look and feel with a great experience attached can leave you mesmerized!

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