Payment and Refund Policy

Payment and Refund Policy

To working with , you must have to agree with our payment and refund policy. By placing any order with us, confirming that you agree with out TOS, Privacy and Payment and Refund policy.

Payment Policy:

We accept payment via Paypal and Credit Card directly and via our payment processor.

For all posted order, you have to pre payment by selected method.

We also accept offline payment from selected counties including US, UK, Most of EU countries, Japan, Australia and Canada. Please contact us for doing offline payment.

Your order will be processed or we start your campaign only after confirmation of payment received. If your payment remains unsettled , we will not process your order until payment settled.

You can add an account fund to start and process your order faster. You also get an additional discounts when pay using account funds.



Refund Policy:

We ensure your money is safe with us. Our refund policy ensure the protection of your money. You will get refund for following case:

# If we can not start your order within 10 Days of payment accepted, we will do refund if you claim.

# If we can not deliver your order for our service issue, we will do refund your money.

# If we can not complete your order within 180 Days of payment, we will do refund your order . If your order value is more than 1000 USD ,or a long run order, this cause will not be validate.

On following case we do not issue any refund:

# If your order is on processing and you wish to cancel it. You can change URL if you need for remaining promotion depends on our acceptance.

# After delivery of your order , you can not ask for refund .

# You are not eligible for refund , if your track is removed from spotify for any reason or you change URL of your track/ profile .

# For any 3rd pary promotion, networking or publication, we will not issue any refund .

# Deposited fund is non-refundable. If services can not be provided for any order, fund will refund to your account balance.