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Get real spotify plays to boost up your music career to next level. Spotify is one of the most prominent platforms for musicians that offers royalty for every time song played. With this feature, Spotify attracted billions of new music artists to be signed up on their platform. Spotify also offers sets of attractive features for listeners as well. For instance, suggesting playlist based on mood or even weather! Being creative & closing up problems was the main USP for Spotify to create a huge hub for musicians & listeners. But does everyone get the same amount of focus on Spotify? No, they don’t. Being a hugely successful music platform, Spotify only features few music artist and some branded musicians on their top chart. So what about the chances of other uprising music artists? How do they success? The simple answer to this question is they rely on music promotion services provided by third parties. is one of most renowned music promotion companies that promote spotify music.

We promote your spotify track for plays in three steps

Collect Information

Distribute To Network

Reach To Audience

How Do We Promote Your Music?

We follow the legit way to boost up your spotify music. We do real and organic marketing campaign by promoting your tracks and artist profile with bio to different music blog and music networks. We also do paid advertising campaign on social media including spotify to reach to your audience and gain real exposure.

We have designed our spotify promotion campaign to gain real audience and make your music popular. Our campaign help your music to take place on spotify top chart and go viral over time. We aim to grow up your spotify followers base that help to gain more organic streams to your music.

Why Choose Us To Promote Spotify Streams ?

We follow the legit way to boost spotify music.

There are a lot of companies who provide spotify promotion services for plays , followers and so on. But, most of them are not real promoter. They are not following the legit promotion method. They do use different software or bot to generate plays and followers. BE AWARE OF THEM!

Spotify has the most advance technology to track the fake promoter . Your song track will be removed and even you account may get banned if you use such method to promote.

We do not use any illegal method to boost up spotify music. We do use different advertising campaign, press release, online radio promotion and blog network promotion to gain real audience for your music.